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How we got here

We all know the story, the pandemic hit and the world went into lockdown. 
This is our personal story.

March 2020

Now, in no particular order,
this is what our day-to-day looked like during our lockdown:
 Manifesting self love
Binge watched Netflix
Virtual workout sesh with the fitfam
Unleashed our inner MasterChef
Tried reading some books
Virtual game nights with besties 
        We totally enjoyed being couch potatoes, that is, until we couldn't potate no more.

        September 2020 

        Fast forward a few months,
        Lunae was born out of our consciousness that we have to give back to our planet. 
        But the idea of Lunae was not a new one.
        Lunae has been an idea in the back of our head for many many years. 
        Our vision was always to find a way to give back to our planet, through style and fitness. 

        October 2020

        From brainstorming to design,
        we finally got our pieces from pen to paper. 
        We designed all our pieces with love,
        taking the strengths and flaws of our competitors
        to give you designs that are timeless and made to last. 

        December 2020

        And we didn’t just stop there. 
        We are committed to being part of the change,
        which is why every detail of our packaging is also sourced and made sustainably
        to ensure we live by our values.

        May 2022

        Our first collection is ready.
        After multiple rounds of sampling,
        fitting and fabric changes,
        followed by the delay due to the ongoing pandemic,
        we have been very excited to share what we have designed for you.

        August 2022

        We are online, and we are glad to be here. 
        We look forward to hearing what you have to say about us, and we hope we inspire you to support the planet in style.